Metal Ride


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Dave Paquette - Rythm Guitar
Matt Spreitzer Bernier - Lead Guitar
Yolin Lafrenière - Lead Vocals
Stef Jomphe - Bass / Back vocals
Dominic Brown - Drums

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released September 14, 2010

Produced by MORTOR
Music and lyrics by MORTOR

Jeremy Dumouchel - Artwork
Chris Bonavia - Engineering & Mixing
Matt Connell - Mastering

Jocelyn Farley - Website
Marlène Goulet - Promo pic

Philippe Grenier - The Warlord lyrics
Matt & Martin Bisson - Voices of the Dead

Thanks: Chris Bonavia et le Vieux Hull, David Gravel, Denis Latreille, Nicky Bromow et l'équipe Nickys prods, Rich Boivin et PWA, Martin Bisson, Ben Shatskoff, Serge Whissel et la gang de Mont-Laurier, Christina, Robopete and Black Widow Promotion, Martin Gendreau, Beaver and Vile Productions, Daniel Daris, Philippe Grenier, Jonathan Boulay.

We wish to salute those who've fought with us: Grimskunk, Les Ékorchés, Misery Index, Insurrection, Inire,
Dark Century, Insides Out, Sordid, Killitorous, Signs of Chaos, Salvation, Your Last Wish, Eternal Burden, Jack Lumber, Did You Just Hex Me, My Shadow, The Truckers, Phosphorus, Chaos Catharsis, WarCall.

We also wish to salute those who inspired us: Sepultura, Kreator, Death, Slayer, Carcass, Testament, Megadeth, Deathamin, Morbid Angel.

Special thanks to our friends, families and close ones for coping with us. Thanks to ours foes for giving us the energy to get better; and to ours fans (you) for your loyal support. Merci à notre gang de fuckés préférée.



all rights reserved


MORTOR Gatineau, Québec

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Track Name: Swallow my hate
In cold isolation - Watching time pass me by
In deterioration - My life is running dry
Brown colored damnation - Nothing is worth a try
In self contemplation - With nothing to defy

Last call, pass out, follow, no faith
Just one, cold one, swallow, my hate

Just getting worse, inebriated
There's no reverse, intoxicated
I hate my job and I complain
Live as a slob, always a pain
Drowning the days, slumped on the counter
Burning my pay, playing poker
Leave me alone, trying my luck
I'm going home, drunk as fuck

My life sucks, It never ends,
Leave me alone, I wanna drink
I hate myself, It's why I'm here, drowning my pain

Booze, brings, salvation. Beer, my only friend
Booze, brings, salvation. Beer, my only friend

Sober days are so rare - This is what grownups do
Beat up the ones who care - Steal from their saving too
My family's nightmare - Should it matter to you
Boozed up stench in the air - Jailtime is nothing new
Track Name: Flatliners
Living by the pulse - Of the machine
Heartbeat triggered peaks - And morphine
Flatliner you are, among us

Lips turn blue, skin - Goes to green
Sickest thing that I've - Ever seen
Flatliner you are, one of us

Now the infection is spreading through your body
Eyes roll backwards skin and bones become so sickly
Spasmic tremors rock your carcass feverishly
Your time goes by and you will slowly cease to be

Zombified man - Soulless eyes
Corpse in motion - You realize
Flatliner you are, among us

Body heat lost - Turn to ice
Life support you - Were mechanized
Flatliner you are, one of us

Decompose, as we wait
One more dose, lose your faith

Intravenous life - Wonder why
Is there still a god - To defy
Flatliner you are, among us

Hear your closest ones - As they cry
Days go by as we - Watch you die
Flatliner you are, one of us
Track Name: Death From Above
Cruising in my plane, above your head
This was your life
Death from above
Harbinger of doom, I love my job
This is my life
Death from above

Riding through the sky, look up
Death from above
Birds in the air, look up
Death from above

Sipping whiskey, look up
Death from above
Oh well you're dead, look up
Death from above

A drink, in hand
A bomb, I drop
Your head, Explodes
I crank, it up

I love, to drop, some bombs
My joy, to see, you die
The smoke, the noise, the smell
Tiny, people, blow up

Whispers about a crazy man are in the air
He brings pain and suffering in the night
Shows no mercy man or wife he kills all
You better hope for a quick death cuz he'll be back
Track Name: T-1
Post apocalyptic war
Termination of mankind
Battle against all cyborgs
Connor must win at all costs
One chance for our survival
Lies in hands of a woman
Sent back in time to destroy
Terminator's here to kill

No Pity - No Pain - No Fear - Unstoppable
Must kill Sarah Connor
She must die, she will die, annihilation

Kyle Reese is here to save her
The fight for man starts tonight
Stick with Kyle for survival
Our future's in your hands

Come with me if you want to live
I am here to save your ass
You don't have many options
Yes-No-Fuck you asshole
You must give birth to the savior
In his hands our fate lies
His importance is crucial
Now shut up and follow me

I’ll be back, to slay you
I won't die, It will end
You're puny, you're Nothing
I will crush, your life out
Track Name: Napalm jacket
Danger, is all around, this is not safe
People, are all dying, bodies everywhere
Burning, this is painful, I want to die
Falling, just like flies, this is true hell

Fire rains from the sky nowhere safe to be
Now's a good time to die no one left to see
Body trapped in this hell nothing is the same
One by one bodies fell nothing will remain

Skin is blackening and my lungs are withering
I don't have a face all my skin is out of place
Red calamity and the blaze has stuck to me
I cannot go on wanna die like everyone

Napalm jacket Your flesh is burning
Napalm jacket Your flesh is burning

Everything changed so fast scorching flames of death
Then it stops peace at last now the trap is set
Fear is now in my eyes poison in my veins
See my wounds hear my cries no one feels my pain

Victim, of war, I am pain
In person corpse in motion
Give me, some more, morphine
Slow destruction no delusion
Please god end this, torture
I am in this, dead shell
Track Name: Death count
As the clock's digits go down
When the red countdown is done
With the barrels on the ground
The blast of a megaton

My nerves are made of steel and war
There's no doubt in my mind
I am a carnage specialist
I am one of a kind
This is what I've been training for
To leave nothing behind

Chemical combustion - implosion
Deflagration - demolition
Particle reaction - explosion
My religion - devastation

Murder device licensed by the state - Death count
Find the right mixture to detonate - Death count
Got a taste for death I'll never stop - Death count
Nitroglycerin to blow it up - Death count

Sonic boom the pain so loud
No one here will die alone
I dream of a mushroom cloud
Watch the skin burn off your bones

I take the easy decision
To solve all the issues
I make everything so simple
I got nothing to lose
I press the switch of your relief
Track Name: The Warlord
You wanna know, you gotta know
Why you're going this far
Reaching limits, you weak spirit
Will you survive so far

You want to face the warlord, face him in vain
Pray for your salvation, you will soon see the end

You wanna see through the other side
You want to see the light
Bloodbaths, agony, the only thing I see

You have reached the limits, of your weak spirit
Learning the hard way, here is the price to pay

Nothing, can stop you from forcing, your way
Breaking, everything that's standing, through pure
Violence, emanating from presence, of the
Pretendant, to throne of power, that leads us

Now that you see through the other side
Can you see the light
Downfall of glory, regurgitate pity
Track Name: Voices of the dead
Track Name: Metal ride
We, ride around the land
In our steel machine, steal the loot at hand
Fear nothing

We, search the enemy
Blowing everything, out of this country
Fear nothing, feel nothing

Let's roll out full speed ahead
Pillaging the countryside
Put a bullet through their head
Smoke the hole in which they hide

Through the fog of war we rush
Shouting chanting we're so proud
Roll over the bones we crush
Celebrations must be loud

Metal, ride, can't, hide
Metal, ride, can't, hide

We, are young and alive
Victory is near
Better choose your side - Fear nothing

Full throttle without a care
Carrying our drunken lot
Blackened smoke is in the air
Diesel-powered juggernaut

We, have a sole purpose
Wreckage and chaos
Come on ride with us - Fear nothing

Crashing into city halls
Law and order are no more
Making sure the kingdom falls
We are warriors to the core