Shoot'em up


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Dave Paquette - Rythm Guitar
Yolin Lafrenière - Lead Vocals
Jonathan Boulay - Bass
Antonin Perras-Foisy - Lead Guitar
Jay Cross - Drums


Produced by MORTOR
Music and lyrics by MORTOR

Cover Art by Daniel Beaudin
Artwork by Jeremy Dumouchel

Produced by Mathieu Marcotte
Mixed and Mastered by Christian Donaldson

Lyrics written by Stef Jomphe
Under the Flag
Whiskey Surgery

Guest Solos
For Glory by Mathieu Marcotte
Point Blank by Christian Donaldson


released September 18, 2012

Special thanks:
Christian Donaldson, Mathieu Marcotte, Stef Jomphe, Marek, David Gravel, Rock Deziel, Paul Dzioba, Christina, Pete, Mez, Black Widow Promotions and Blacktooth Entertainment,
Daniel Beaudin, CKCU FM, Daniel Dekay, Jon Asher, Shawn and Chris from Spectrasonic and everyone else who has helped us out in the trenches!

We wish to salute those who’ve fought with us:
Accursed Spawn, Insurrection, Augury, Crpytopsy, Aggressor, Kreator, Napalm Death, Swallow the Sun, Aborted, Misery Index, Fuck the Facts, Systems Divide, Aggressor, Deamon, Immersed, Phosphorus, Fatality, The Agonist, Chariots of the Gods,
WarCall, Inire, …From the Deep, Placentophagia, Dark Century, Doll, Dissentient, Deformatory, My Shadow, Killitorous,
Dark Century, Metallian, DefineD, Sordid, Overdrunk,
Shotgun Cure, Signs of Chaos, Vesperia

We also wish to salute Sepultura, Kreator, Death, Slayer,
Carcass, Testament, Cannibal Corpse and all the others who
continue to inspire us!

Special thanks to our friends, families and close ones for
putting up with our constant racket, and always being there to start the pit (you know who you are). Thanks also, to our foes, for giving us the energy to get better. It goes without saying, but; un grand merci à toutes les brasseries du Québec.

Most importantly though – thanks to you, the fans. You keep this scene alive, and you do one damn good job of it. See you at the bar, and in the pit



all rights reserved


MORTOR Gatineau, Québec

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Track Name: Under the flag
Blasting my way through the drills - Since my training in the corps
Neurotic, live for the thrill - Get my way with foreign whores

My nation supports my will - Paid criminal to the core
In the end I want to kill - Love this action I want more

Free under the flag (decrimination)
Hide under the flag (abomination)

My supported endeavour - National campaign of fear
Saviour or destroyer - Nobody to stop me here

Free under the flag (decrimination)
Live under the flag (live for the action)
Safe under the flag (for mutilation)
Hide under the flag (abomination)

I'll get away with anything

Countryman, bulletproof, hired gun, protected
Sociopath, criminal, ticking bomb
Loose cannon, no moral, war bringer, thrill seeker

Sick righteousness - Bold and careless
Spreading distress - Under the flag
War crimes go on - My destruction
My will be done - Under the flag

Misplaced patriotism - Bringing death with no remorse
Be with us or be with them - Use the flag to hide the corpse
Track Name: Eat lead
Ultimate badass, with all guns blazing
Imminent war is all I'm here for

Thrill seeker, soul taker - Death bringer, heart breaker
Gunslinger, life taker - Vigilante's what I am

Labelled as a criminal - Self defense is all I practice
Those who've opposed me are dead - Don't go trying something funny

Outlawed by those in charge, I will bring them to their knees, suffering
Capital punishment's the sentence I've been given, they will pay
Illegal in ten states, I am stuck roaming the earth, no true home
Treated like a dog, they taste the fruit I procure, eat lead

You will feel your flesh tearing up, the bullet through you
It will burn, scalding your body, almost to the core
Bones they break, mortal you all are, it's stronger than you
Pain ensured, die, eat lead
Track Name: Shoot 'em up
Slaves to the one that brings us the paycheck
We take the orders and we deliver
We don't give a shit what you say to us
We just want to, shoot’em all up

We live our lives just to use our guns
Gunning you all down fiercely one by one
Wanting to feel that rush once more
We just want to shoot’em all up

Piling y'all up just for the heck of it
Burning your bodies, burn’em all
Inhale the smell just to feel the rush
We love to kill you all

Release the slaves
Let them run in the field, try to escape
Scope them all out
Snipe them, shoot’em all up, get a paycheck

Die, murder, fun times, pleasure is in the game

You're a moving target, now you die
Boss says to kill, shoot’em up
Green's all I want in my pocket - That means you get to die
Track Name: Clusterfuck
The sound of impact is so deafening
Your comrades fall, the blaze so threatening
You gotta move forward without a doubt
You swear revenge if you can make it out

Dropped in from the sky to a world of pain - Operation Charlie Foxtrot
Human pride outweighs our lives expendable

Nothing goes as planned, your fate is sealed - Operation Charlie Foxtrot
Charge the trench my friends, no other way

Your distress call will not be heard
This is hopeless, you're outnumbered

Who gave the order, this is suicide - Operation Charlie Foxtrot
Everything to hell, this wasn't planned

Chaos reigns here - Distress to fear
All becomes clear - The end draws near

Every man for himself, no one to lead
Stay down, stay sharp, move on, you're out of luck
The deflagrations cause your ears to bleed
You got left on your own you're really fucked

Feel the grip of despair - Now you're on your own
Who gave the order - Who sent you to die

The time you realise you're going to die
The deadly metal slugs are zooming by
One last attempt to kill your enemies
Too late, prepare to join the casualties
Track Name: Trigger happy
Lined up on their knees to satisfy my need to shoot
Make you smile before you die and leave you to the rats

Happy as can be, pulling my trigger

Hell is where I'll be when I'm done having as much fun as this
Stench of fear, smell of false hope, trying to beg in vain

No safety, no regrets, no mercy, no remorse

Daddy never thought that giving me a gun would kill so many
Twisted brain - Wrongful thoughts
Drenched in death - Foul humor

Practicing self-control - The doctors tell me lies
They say I'm getting there - I know I'm demented
I am trigger happy

To squeeze it, makes me smile, the bullet right in your heart
The bursting, of my gun, makes me grin

Corruption of my soul
God, I love my triggers
Track Name: Locked and loaded
Passion I have - Powder's so good
Keep 'em loaded - I know I should

Stop this madness - I mean no harm
You should lay low - Until I sleep

Hiding in vain - I know you're there
You say crazy - I know I'm safe

Ready to slay - My guns are locked and loaded
I want you dead - Brains splattered

Armoire filled up with weapons
Trained in the art of death
Locked and loaded

Basement as sanctuary - My firearms are locked and loaded
My mind is at peace - With my artillery

Loaded guns in all the rooms of my house
Makes me feel sane to know that they're there
Loaded guns in all the rooms of my house
Makes me feel sane to know they're there

Ankle gun, pillow gun, pocket gun, all are loaded
Ankle gun, pillow gun, pocket gun, you are wasted
Track Name: Infidels
Serving the one true God - In the name of freedom
Existence is futile - To kill is to live

Dying will bring me peace - Salvation achieved
Tonight you will die - For my own faith

I am sick and twisted - I will die tonight
I will bring your doom - And you will thank me now

I have a bomb strapped to my chest - Apocalypse is near your face
Hidden to the naked eye - Kill the infidels - I am infidel

I have no will to live - I want you to know this - ‘Cause you will now go boom

Blinded you will not see - That I am coming
You will not see me - Until you blow up

My goal is not to slay, but more to enslave
Your fate lies in my hands, you will not survive
I want you to know, I do not hate you
I only want to kill, your whole entire race
Track Name: Whiskey surgery
I hear bones are scraping - Now I'm useless, muscles torn
Damn lead took me out quick - Left me for dead, gotta move

Let’s see what this looks like - Gotta go on, gotta go
What a mess, is this my flesh? - Gotta lose it, gotta cut

My squad's far away, left behind, infection's my fate
Gangrene spreading fast, rotting wound, vermin's come for me

Medic is just not quite my job and butcher is more like it
Grab a knife to slice this up, got my mickey by my side

If I must lose a limb like this, I might as well be drunk
I'll just waste myself sterile and I'll drink myself to health
My whiskey surgery

Struggle, use all I've got - Won't need this foot, gotta puke
Gushing pus and vomit - Damn it this hurts, gotta drink

My whiskey surgery - Passing out - Have another round on me
Track Name: For glory
I will not be your minion - You will not command me
I will not lay my arms down - You'll never command me

The urge to kill inside - Fight in battle greatest honor
Guns ready to fire - Bring your army I am ready

War is my only goal - it's my life, it's my soul
War it's my way of life, for glory, on the field

Clean shot to the head is mine - I am ready for your challenge
You will not die in vain today - You will die only for glory

My eyes, fire, desire - I want it all, give me glory
Burn, true hell, one goal - Give me challenge, you are puny

Fail, I can't - I won't survive
One goal in mind: success, always
You won't live the night
Track Name: Days of our knives
Memories of an empty soul
Clouded past shrouded in blood
Glimpses of the man I once was
Faint reminders of my life

Fantasies of my knife, deep within your guts
Dreaming of the days where knives ruled the land
Craving the days we were partners in crime

I miss those good ol' days
When licking knives was still part of us

Gutting enemies to their core - Using blades to mark our preys
Floating above sea of bodies - Trail of blood we left behind

Days of our knives come and go - Slay’em all, cut’em all
Days of our knives come and go - Surrounded by tortured souls
Days of our knives come and go - Pieces of dead flesh
Days of our knives come and go - Inflicting the lethal cut

Bounded by the laws of Earth
Locked up in a white lonely cell
Tied up by ignorant rules
Wishing I was free to carve
Wishing I was free to carve you

Blood on my hands, gives me my joy in life
Straight through the heart it went
You're on your knees
Your eyes roll back

Knife cuts your face, completely disfigured
A monster you now are
You're my puppet
Days of our knives
Track Name: Point blank
The rifle pressed on your temple - Heated tip from the last shot
Having mercy's for the weak - I'd regret not shooting you

Pressure's building, clogging in my loins
No choice, one thing to do, annihilate you
Touching your skin - Headshot so easily done
Crying, begging, pleading - It's all in vain now

Ready to shoot - Point blank
Gleaming eyes results from pure joy - Finally getting satisfied
Pleading your life's not gonna help - Finger's on the trigger

Safely living as a virus infecting the ones not worthy of their lives
Scarcely ridding this planet of the poisons
That surround us, walking human trash

Proud of what I do, taking out garbage, with benefits
Death to all the scum, kill the parasites, at point blank
Tons of men like you I've destroyed without hesitation
One more to my body count ain't going to be affecting me

Murder's only relative to the person committing
The act of killing a man - I only serve my country
Track Name: The bonesaw
Slicing through your skin - Experiment in progress
Tearing through your insides - Torture is my game

Tools of the trade are needed - Helping me in my quest
Murder is not key - Bones are my one passion

Human bones I cultivate
Getting them, my one mission
Human bones I cultivate
Make no mistake you are next

Cutting through your skull - Using my best tool
Cutting through your spine - My bonesaw is God

Blood pouring on my hands - Salvation’s almost here
Bone dust on the floor - Smells so sweet and satisfying

Grinding through your face
Puts a smile across mine
Peace finally obtained
Until my next victim
Track Name: Let's deflagrate
This is a party for everyone that need some spice in their life
Bring your torches, your matches
Remorse no more, we've signed for Hell
Assembled with common interest enjoying the view we fabricated
Let's get this party started up - Ignition

Slowly crawling it takes your skin, smell of burnt hair inside your lungs
Veins stop flowing, vision's blurry, due to lack of - Oxygen
Despised by all you deserve, the fiery place that we're giving you
Oblivious to our warnings - Deflagrate

Flames consume this neighbourhood - Gather around, caught you
Trapped inside a ring of fire - Death is certain, meltdown

Catching prey's the boring part - Getting you in this house is so simple
Stuck with your mind, breathing ashes - Deflagrate the whole world

Brain functions are now shutting down
Blood clots invading your system
Slowly dying, you hear no more, only one wish - Please kill me
Ceiling's falling down on your head and you're thinking, did I live well
You piece of shit, this is fate - Deflagrate

Heart rate stops, lifeless and full of blood
Boiled skin oozing, creating a flood